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Summerglow 2Kw Wall Mounted Infra-red Heater
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Summerglow 2Kw Wall Mounted Infra-red Heater
Product code: LG 247
Price: £ 135.60 (inc VAT)
Model: Summerglow 2Kw
Make: Leisure Heating Ltd

Summerglow 2Kw Wall mounted Infra-red Heater

This new totally waterproof infra-red heater is IP55 making it ideal for use outdoors as well as indoors. The powerful 2Kw gold element has the ability to heat you and your guests directly without heating the air in between.

The Summerglow infra-red heater is designed to attach to a vertical surface outdoors and can be angled up and down to suit the situation.

The Summerglow Patio Heater is very robust and built to commercial standards. It is ideal for use in commercial situations such as beer gardens, hotel terraces and other commercial outdoor areas as well as domestic patios. 

There are many benefits that this energy efficient heater brings including : -

Efficient and cheap to run


Can be left outdoors

No fumes or smell

No noise

Instant heat-up