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Electronic Indoor Mouse Deterrent

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Electronic Indoor Mouse Deterrent
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Humane mouse and rodent deterrent for use in kitchens, outbuildings, sheds, caravans etc without the need to use inhumane poisons or traps



Protects your property using ultrasonic technology, which causes mice to avoid protected areas.  Humans cannot hear the deterrent.

So how does it work?  Repeated exposure to ultrasound creates an uncomfortable environment for rodents, which are deterred from the area around the unit.  The device emits a short 40 KHz ultrasonic signal approximately every 8 seconds to protect an unobstructed area of up to 1,000 sq ft.

PESTcontroller is very easy to use.  Just insert one PP3 battery (not supplied), site the unit where mice have been seen or are causing problems and turn the unit on.  The unit will operate continuously for up to 6 months on one battery.

For indoor use only.  Do not use in areas occupied by bats.  Has been reported to be effective on rats. 

Made in England