Heat and Beat Infra-red Heater

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2.0w Heat and Beat infra-red Heater with Bluetooth speakers and lighting effects

£395.00Including VAT

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Heat and Beat App Controlled Heat Light and Sound

Feel the Heat – Connect the App – select your colour – Connect the Beat

Heat and Beat is a high end infra-red heater with remote control, app control, Bluetooth speakers and LED effects lighting.

The Heat and Beat infra-red short-wave element has the ability to heat poeple and objects directly and not the air in-between.  This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor situations or hard to heat indoor rooms such as conservatories and summer rooms.

The Heat and Beat has some very special features including:

  • High degree of water tightness (dust and watertight to IP65)
  • Special 2000w golden amber ultra-low glare lamp – a superior lamp that emits more heat but less light and has an expected lifecycle of 8,000 hours.
  • Two integrated Bluetooth speakers that allow you to connect with your smartphone, PC, music carier, etc
  • Integrated LED effects lighting at the back, which has the countless colours and strength settings for atmospheric lighting.  It will even keep to the beat of the music!
  • Separate Bluetooth receivers: one for warmth and light and one for sound


  • Robust metal construction
  • Uses up-to-date infra-red technology
  • Efficient and cheap to run
  • Waterproof and designed for outdoor use OR indoor use
  • No fumes or smell
  • No noise
  • Instant heat up

Dimensions: width 740mm, height 130mm, depth 130mm approx


  • Wattage 2000w
  • Voltage: 230v 9A
  • Element type: Linear shortwave.  golden ultra low glare coating. The lamp is fully replaceable


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