Tinkling Toadstools – ALL FOUR SEASONS

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All Four sets of Tinkling Toadstools Seasons Collection

Four sets – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Twelve toadstools in total.

£48.50Including VAT

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Tinkling Toadstools – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Can’t decide which set to have?  Then why not have a set of each of the seasons.  Each set is comprised of three toadstools, one medium and two small.

Perennial favourites, the original and best!

The toadstool tops move in the breeze and gently ‘tinkle’ together.  

Frost resistant to around -10degC

All-year-round colour for the garden. This Toadstool set is an ideal size to use in the border or in small planters and hanging baskets.

To achieve the best results from this product, it is recommended that they are planted in an open site close enough together to allow the wind to gently move the tops.

Sizes: Medium 30cm, Small 26cm before ‘planting’


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